Saro Naturals Milk

It all starts with hand-picking the right cows. Our cows are also certified to produce A2 grade milk.

Our native breed cows belong to the bioclimatic zone of our region. They have strong immunity, and are thus healthier and produce healthy milk.

Vision And Mission

  • Our Vision is to usher in natural & organic farming practices and deliver farm fresh products from the farms to the health-conscious customers.
  • We achieve the vision of farm freshness with our efficient cold storage, supply chain and distribution ensuring no artificial preservatives or chemicals are added to the products.
  • We follow Natural dairy practices without using growth hormones, antibiotics and we cultivate the fodder ourselves without the use of fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Our goal is to reduce the environmental damage by not using harmful pesticides on our crops and also in terms of packaging of agri products by using recyclable things as far as possible.
  • We deliver milk in reusable glass bottles at the door-steps with minimal impact on the environment.
  • Saro Natural has desi cows fed with organically produced fodder which helps in the cows giving pure natural milk without any harmful impact on its consumption. Our cows are also certified A2 grade by the authorized agency.

Our Team

We are reinforced by a motivated and cheerful team of management and staff to ensure that the operations are carried out with utmost dedication and the produce is delivered at the customer’s doorsteps, in farm fresh condition, free from any additives and preservatives, with a smile.


Saro Natural was founded in 2015, by a nature-loving enthusiast, retired defence officer, fighter pilot and IIM Ahmedabad graduate, Srikanth Mannem. Saro Natural has farms with best Indian breed cows to produce and supply their organically produced A2 grade Desi Cow Milk and other agricultural products. Saro Natural is one of the earliest A2 milk producers and suppliers in Hyderabad.

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